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The most effective way to control the sun's heat and glare is to stop it before it enters your window.

Once the sun's rays enter they are absorbed and begin to radiate throughout the room in the form of heat. Much like a big shade tree, exterior shading will help reduce your cooling costs, can reduce the load on your air conditioning and will help reduce glare and fading.

For many types of windows, controlling the sun's heat and glare on the interior is the most practical way. While slightly less effective than exterior shading, interior sun control methods allow a variety of ways to control the sun and light while, at the same time, enhancing even the most sophisticated of interior decorating schemes. Phifer's interior shading fabrics, described here, offer exciting new alternatives to ordinary window fabrics. Phifer interior shading fabrics are durable, meet or exceed requirements for flame retardancy and are virtually maintenance free.

Windows and More Solar Screens, Window Shades and Window BlindsWindows and More Solar Screens, Window Shades and Window Blinds


What are Solar Screen Benefits?

Solar ScreensCools Your Home or Other Living Space. Solar screen on windows can cool problem rooms up to 15 degrees in warm climates making the home or other living area much more comfortable in the hot summer months.

Reduce Cooling Energy Costs. Independent Studies have shown that solar screen installed on exposed windows can reduce the cooling portion of electric energy costs as much as 30-35% on a typical home in a warm climate. In many cases the 'payback' period can be as short as 1-2 years.

Protection from Fading. The UV rays blocked by solar screen can help protect your valuable home furnishings such as furniture, drapes, floors and paintings.

Daytime Privacy. With solar screen on your windows, it is very hard, if not impossible for people to see into your home during the daylight hours. Much like dark sunglasses, even though people can't see in, outward visibility can be excellent, especially with the darker color (black or brown) Suntex 80 Solar Screen.

Reduced Glare. Solar screen helps reduce the glare coming in through the windows. This benefit can be very beneficial in the family television, media room or home office.

What is Solar Screen Fabric?

Solar Screen FabricSolar Screen is a special window screen mesh that is specially designed for Sun Control. It is the most effective way to Control the Sun's Heat and Glare by stopping it before it enters your window. Much like a big shade tree, exterior solar screen will help reduce your cooling costs, can reduce the load on your air conditioning and will help reduce glare and fading of home furnishings. Advanced solar screen fabric is extremely durable and pet resistant. We only sell material manufactured by Phifer Wire Products, US the leader in screening products for 50 years.

Solar Screen Material cools and protects by reducing heat and UV rays in 3 ways. They Block the sun's hear and UV rays, Absorb the heat and Dissipates it with the airflow through the screen.

Window Shades, Shutters and Blinds

Windows can flood rooms with light, or they can be tempered with simple shades, structural top treatments, and cascading curtains. With window shades and or blinds, you can create custom combinations of exquisite products to complement your d├ęcor and complete any room design as well as save money on energy.

Window Shutters, Shades and Blinds from Windows and More

Blinds and shutters can reduce interior heat gain by up to 45%, when they are completely closed and lowered on sunny windows. Blinds can also be adjusted to block and reflect direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling, which will diffuse the light without significant heat or glare.

Blinds and Windows from Windows and More

Window shades can be one of the simplest and most effective window treatments for saving energy, if they have been properly installed (mounted as close to the glass as possible). To conserve energy, lower shades on sunlit windows during the summer. Similarly, shades on the south side of a house should be raised in the winter during the day, then lowered at night. Motorized lifts and automated timers also offer a convenient way to regulate the light coming into your home.

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